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Kiiroo Keon; The only male sex toy you ever need

If you’re looking for the best male sex toy, your hunt ends here. With a simple google search, you will be served with thousands of male masturbators in the form of strokers, fleshlights, blowjob simulators, and sex dolls. Practically speaking, no one can try out the vast assortments of products to know which one would be the best.


After so many years of scanning the internet and getting our hands on hundreds of sex toys, we can say that the Kiiroo Keon male masturbator is one of the choicest products regarding male pleasure. That is why you should rely on experts like us to help you make your choice. This article will give you a brief glimpse of why you should buy the Kiiroo Keon combo set if you’re looking for a master blaster!


What is the Kiiroo Keon combo set?


Keon by Kiirroo is one of the flagship sex toys that has won hearts across the globe. It falls under the category of automatic male masturbators and has been the reigning champion since its launch, especially in the western markets.


A male masturbator? What’s that?

A male masturbator, as the name suggests, is essentially a device used by guys to stroke themselves. Kiiroo by Keon is an automatic male stroker, meaning it can stroke your cock effortlessly while you lay on your back, getting the best strokes of your life.


What makes the Kiiroo Keon male sex toy so unique?


The Kiiroon Keon male sex toy is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an automatic masturbator. But why is it so popular? What makes the Keon by Kiiroo an absolute favorite amongst men all across the globe? Let’s find out.


Here are a few points that make this male sex toy a beast of a product.


  • Customizable stroke length
    Most of the strokers you find online either give you strokes adjustable up to a particular length or have fixed-length strokes that you can’t mess around with. But the Kiiroo Keon automatic stroker has excellent flexibility regarding the stroke length. You can have strokes as short as 1 inch or go the entire length of about 10 inches!
  • Adjustable speeds
    With a wide range of settings, you can choose your favorite speed with a little knob at the side. So forget about stroking yourself to that old monotonic speed.
  • A textured sleeve that works amazing with lubes
    The sleeve that remains in contact with your shaft has ribs and patterns to emulate the inner walls of the vagina. This texturing gives the right amount of friction to provide a toe-curling sensation each time.
    If you enjoy the moist feel of sex, you can use a little lube. Any water-based lubricant works perfectly well with the Keon Kiiroo so that you can level up your sensations like that as well.
  • Speed Burst mode
    Kiiroo by Keon can get to the speed of up to 230 strokes per minute. Yes, you read that right. This beast of a product gives you superfast strokes at 230 strokes with ease. So if you like to have a fast, juicy pounding, you are on the right page.
  • Ergonomic design for better grip and movement
    Unlike most strokers, Keon Kiiroo is very lightweight and easy to grip. This ergonomic design helps in grabbing the automatic stroker and pleasing yourself without much hassle.
  • Compatible with VR-porn content on and several other websites
    Barely any sex toy in the market can boast compatibility with the broadest range of virtual reality content out there. Keon by Kiiroo is not only compatible with the pornographic content in but also gives you a wholesome sensation by syncing itself with the beats of the video. Imagine watching a VR porn video and feeling the same sensation as the actress orgasms to those exact movements! Ecstatic indeed!
  • Compatible with webcams
    If you’re a regular visitor of webcam sites, Kiiroo Keon will be your next best friend. With its upgraded model, you can now connect your automatic stroker to the online webcamming platform and enjoy your sessions more immersive manner.


So who is Kiiroo Keon ideally for?


Kiiroon Keon male sex toy is ideally for men who want to take their pleasures to another level. Aimed at giving you an unmatched experience, this indeed is one beast of a sex toy that can give you toe-curling orgasms anytime you desire. Irrespective of your sexuality or background, if you enjoy masturbation, you will surely love this automatic stroker.

Furthermore, with its amazing sleeve, you will surely be addicted to the stroker. You can use it with any water-based lube you desire and experience pleasure in its most accurate form.


So if you’re looking for an all-in-one male sex toy that not only gives you tight and powerful strokes but is also equipt with powerful motors to give you fast-paced movements, then Kiiroo Keon is the product you want. Try it out once, and you will be satisfied every time. The fact that it is often one of our “sold out” sex toys is a tiny testimony of the same.